More than 2000 years ago, physician Jivaka Kumar developed a therapeutic system that would promote physical endurance for long meditation in India. The Indian Empire was great and Thai physicians, farmers, and now a class of women healers developed Thai traditional medicine that includes Thai yoga massage. This attention to energetic Sen lines that move and stabilize our material forms has colonized the US as well with its proliferation of Metta, lovingkindness. It is applied bodhi psychology, yoga therapy, motherhood, fraternity, acquired immunity, physical rehabilitation, regeneration, and the Golden Rule. 
It is easy to find pictures and video of people all over the world doing the same cool moves because the lineage is strong and the form is whole. My teacher is Ariela Grodner who learned from Kam Thye Chow, who learned Nuat Boran in Thailand.
Thai massage is not my own. I am blessed to be a vessel of it.


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