Please indicate any health conditions or deficiencies, including diabetes, arthritis, pregnancy, thrombosis, heart trouble, migraine, surgeries, et cetera. Be sure to consult your primary care doctor before you have a massage. If massage is contraindicated [ill-advised due to some condition or illness], I must not massage you in certain areas, or with certain techniques.

Please shower before your massage if you can spare the time.

It is important, and I ask that you DRINK LOTS OF WATER BEFORE and after your massage, to flush metabolic wastes and food poisons, as well as to make your tissues more pliable. It is generally recommended that people drink between one half-gallon of water daily and half their weight in pounds, in ounces [if you weigh 160 lbs., drink 80 ozs. of water].

In essence, the massage will move the metabolic wastes from the muscles to the connective tissue between the muscles and the skin, myofascia. If a high concentration of waste is not flushed, you’ll risk the equivalent of putting dirt back into clean laundry = soreness as if hit-by-a-mack-truck the morning after. I recommend yoga, a walk or swim, 30 minutes of conscious stretching and hyperhydration in that case.

Please STRETCH the night before and the morning of your massage; this will help you point out any pains, areas of discomfort, or points of inflexibility. After your session, I ask you to stretch all over before bed to reinforce your massage’s benefits and to improve your sleep.

Alcohol, caffeine, and carbonated beverages act against you to remove water from the body, so please avoid them for 12 hours or so before and after your session. Herbal teas, pure fruit juices and water are best in any case.

Thirty-two ounces of water or better are recommended within two hours of your massage.


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